1.5 hours







Norma Strang

Learn How To Do The Bikram Yoga Sequence in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Practice the Hot Yoga sequence with a Qualified Instructor
  • Have an awareness of the medical health benefits of each yoga posture
  • Feel the amazing benefits of this practice
  • Have a greater understanding of yoga

    Skills you will learn

    Adaptable, Teaching, Yoga

    About this course

    Are you someone who thinks that yoga is not for you? There is a profound healing that comes from practising yoga but sadly a lot of people think they are not flexible enough (that's why you should do it!)  Not too keen on going to a class with other people? Or perhaps you just want to develop a home practice but also learn from a qualified yoga instructor....Then this course is for you.

    On this course you will be guided through the Bikram Yoga Sequence with a qualified instructor with over 12 years of teaching experience.

    You will see how the postures are done and be guided in, through and out of them so you can gain maximum benefits. You will learn the medical benefits of each posture and why they are good for you.

    The course is taught by video instruction so you will see how to do the yoga postures and hear exactly how to do them.

    You will receive a downloadable booklet of the yoga postures with photos that you can take anywhere.

    The first section of the course will cover the standing yoga postures and the second section will cover the floor  yoga postures. You will finish with a deep relaxation savasana.

    This course will give you a greater understanding of Hatha Yoga, and why it is so deeply healing. 


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