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Jen Lynn

Become a Plant Based Pro on a Budget! Meal Prep, Cook & Feed your family Healthy & Nutritious Meals in Minutes!

Expected learning & outcomes

  • Successfully feed your family of (up to) 5 for under $50!
  • Quickly and efficiently meal prep and cook healthy meals for the week
  • Have a resource of several plant based recipes that you can use time and again
  • Have a meal plan outline that you can reuse or mix and match
  • Have an easy to follow shopping list that you can reuse time and again
  • Increase your confidence in the kitchen
  • Learn how to efficiently use your time so you can more easily meal prep in the future
  • Get hands on experience with videos that give you an over-the-shoulder approach in the kitchen
  • Learn the myths and/or objections related to a plant based/vegan lifestyle
  • Learn the top Health Benefits of choosing a Plant Based lifestyle

    Skills you will learn

    Budgeting, Confidence, Motivation, Nutrition, Recipes

    About this course

    Feed your family of 5 for under $50!  Don’t have a family of 5, not to worry, this meal plan will feed 2-3 people for a full week!

    When I decided to start tranisitioning my family to a plant based lifestyle, I was confronted with many obstacles which seemed daunting and overwhelming.  What will we eat?  How expensive will it be?  How much time do I need to devote to this? I don’t even know where to start!  I needed ideas and motivation.

    If you can relate to any of these frustrations, then you are in the right place!! Over the last two years, I researched, experimented with different recipes, and even went back to school for my nutrition certification.  I’ve learned so much and now want to share my knowledge with you!  I will get you on the fast track to eating a healthy, delicious, yet realistic, Plant Based diet.  

    Let’s get started!


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